TRI® Dental Implants is a supplier of innovative Swiss dental implants.
TRI® prides itself on delivering compact and sophisticated implant lines that meet the highest industry standards.
TRI is an abbreviation derived from the full name of the company Through Research Innovative, which means - through research to innovation. The company was created by a group of practitioners and scientists with the aim of combining modern clinical experience and the latest technologies used in implantology.
A distinctive feature of the brand is the concept of TRI® PERFORMANCE. Or 4 gold standards in one implant.
And the main one, in our opinion, is the TRI® SOFT TISSUE concept, which prevents jaw bone from overloading.
The soft tissue connection that comes with TRI® Dental Implants is a unique and innovative solution. The principle of smooth switching platforms allows you to form a stable and dense soft tissue barrier at the junction of the abutment and the implant. All of these elements for the prosthesis stage - from the impression transfer and the gum former to the permanent abutment - form a uniform profile of soft tissues.
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Implant-Assistant Team