The founder of the brand is the German doctor and scientist, Professor Wilfred Schilly.


The peculiarity of the implants of this manufacturer is contained in the material. SIC uses pure titanium. In the handbook it is designated as Grade - 4. This is the only "grade" of about 50 modifications, in which by default there are no impurities, such a "distilled" titanium. However, the developers of SIC went even further.

Technology "SICmatrix®".

The use of zirconium particles for polishing the surface is dictated by the chemical inertness of zirconium. It does not capture any joints, therefore, the surface after treatment with zirconium will not contain foreign inclusions. And that's not it! The subsequent "thermal etching" of titanium, in fact, is a hardening in a vacuum. Those. The workpiece is heated and abruptly cooled, in the absence of contact with atmospheric air. The large content of chemically active substances in which, is already established. For example, lead particles from automobile exhausts.

Thus, SIC achieves extreme levels of surface cleanliness of the implant, which ultimately reduces the complications after implantation operations almost to nothing.

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