The evolution of computer-aided design and production of orthopedic structures creates new perspectives for guided surgery. More treatment options are becoming available with increased accuracy,
reduction of time and cheapening of the cost of manufacturing restorations.
The interest of orthopedic physicians in the ability of software to combine the surgical and orthopedic stages of treatment today is higher than ever before. Implant-Assistant constantly improves the level of adjustment of the implantation plan to the conditions of the orthopedic treatment plan in order to obtain the best aesthetic result.
Using the example of some clinical cases, we want to show how surgical templates create optimal solutions in complex projects of the orthopedic surgeon and the dental laboratory.

The individual gum former is pre-fabricated by the laboratory from zirconium dioxide taking into account the digital model of the dental dental system and the planned position of the implant using the Implant-Guide pattern.

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Surgical and orthopedic stage in one patient. The laboratory prepared the immediate prosthesis, taking into account the planned volume of bone tissue reduction, directly for the operation.

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The combination of a surgical template with a technique of directional prosthetics allows you to install implants exactly in accordance with the plan, while creating the interface surfaces for both the temporary and the final prosthesis.

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